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  • Helios, Tunbridge Wells, Great Britain, manufactures remedies, and household and travel kits.
  • Hahnemann Labs, San Rafael, California, manufactures more than 52,000 remedies in a range of potencies. Also sells household and professional remedy kits.
  • Homeopathy Works, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, manufactures WHP (Washington Homeopathic Products) line of remedies.  One of the oldest homeopathic pharmacies in USA.
  • Hmedicine.com, Charlotte, North Carolina, sells herbal tinctures and remedies from WHP.
  • Natural Health Supply, Santa Fe, New Mexico, sells hand-succussed single remedies, a range of household and professional kits, and various pharmacy supplies.  Prices are very competitive. 
  • Ainsworths, London, Great Britain, manufactures more than 3,000 remedies in a range of potencies. Also sells all the accessories required by practitioners for their own dispensing.
  • Homeopathy Overnight, Absecon, New Jersey, sells Dolisos and WHP line of remedies.
  • eHealthLand.com, San Diego, California, sells Boiron line of remedies.

I have been buying remedies mostly from Helios and Hahnemann Labs.  Helios is my favorite for buying single remedies.  The only problem with them is that it may take a long time to receive the order, especially if it is a large one.  In my experience, Hahnemann Labs is the best place to buy the professional kits from.

Herbal Tinctures, Bulk Herbs, Essential Oils, etc.

  • Mountain Rose Herbs, Eugene, Oregon. This is my favorite "herbal" place.  An extensive line of organic herbal products and spices with a strict emphasis on sustainable agriculture. 
  • Walker Farms, Arkansaw, Wisconsin, sells traditionally made herbal tinctures and oils prepared from the plants grown on the farm. They do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.  This place is highly recommended by Matthew Wood, the author of The Book of Herbal Wisdom and other books on history of medicine and herbology.
  • Gaia Gardens, Vancouver, Canada, sells high quality herbal tinctures.

Remedy Storage

  • Store Your Media online furniture store sells multimedia storage systems.  Librarian index style cabinets are perfect for storing remedies.
  • Ammunition boxes made by Case-Gard and Plano is a very convenient and inexpensive way to store the vials.  Boxes designed for 20 ga shotgun shells are perfect for two-dram vials.  You can order boxes of different sizes from AllAboutHunting.com.  Shipping may be quite expensive.  For retail dealers of Case-Gard products in your area, follow this link: Case-Gard Dealers.

Miscellaneous Supplies

  • Hemkund Remedies, Inc., BC, Canada.  All types of glass bottles, spray pumps, vials, roll on glass bottles and dropper bottles.  You'll save a lot of money if you buy in bulk.
  • Freund Container. Large selection of glass and plastic containers (including dropper bottles and vials). Large selection of packing supplies (including 4''x2''x2'' corrugated boxes for shipping dropper bottles.)  They price match (with proof) for convenience. For dropper bottles, click HERE. For shipping boxes, click HERE.
  • Sunburst Bottles in Sacramento, California, sells glass and plastic containers, bottles and vials.  The best price I have found so far on 1 oz dropper bottles ($0.60)
  • Specialty Bottles in Seattle, Washington, sells glass bottles and vials of various sizes.
  • SKS Bottle & Packaging in upstate New York.  A distributor of a wide array of plastic, glass and metal containers that could be used to package many homeopathic products.
  • Natural Health Supply sells various pharmacy supplies (glass vials, empty cases, bottles, unmedicated pellets and more.)  Prices are very competitive. 
  • Ainsworths in London, UK, sells all the accessories required by practitioners for their own dispensing.
  • Hmedicine.com  in Charlotte, NC, sells various homeopathic products, including vials, droppers, unmedicated tablets, herbal tinctures, and remedies from WHP.
  • The Homeopathic Supply Company, UK, provides screw cap bottles, dropper bottles, jars, blank pellets, storage systems, etc.  I especially like their storage boxes and various paper products (labels, small envelopes, etc.)  If you are just starting your practice, this is like a supermarket for homeopathic supplies, so you get all you need in one place.


  • Minimum Price Books in Blaine, Washington.  It is the largest bookstore of homeopathic literature in the United States.  I buy most of the books from them.
  • DHR Books in Arcata, California.  Discount homeopathic resources (books, audio- and videotapes) from Whole Health Now.
  • Homeopathic Educational Services in Berkeley, California.
  • B. Jain Publishers in India.  One of the largest homeopathic bookstores in the world. Prices are very low, e.g. Concise Repertory of Homoeopathic Medicines by Phatak is about $3.50 compared to $11.50 at Minimum Price Books. Shipping, however, is not cheap, so if you decide to buy from them, consider buying several books at a time.
  • Minerva Books in London, Great Britain.  
  • You can purchase Rajan Sankarans books directly from him:
    Purchase Rajan Sankaran's Books


If you are interested in buying homeopathic software, but do not know which one, read Homeopathic Software Review


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