Magnesium Salts – Mag-carb, Mag-mur, Mag-sulph, Mag-phos

By Barbara Levin Krupp

Based on the works of Rajan Sankaran, David Warkentin, Val Ohanian, Eric Sommermann, and Jan Scholten. 

           Magnesium wants to be a salt, it is best in relationships.  It needs to bond and does it easily. There is the sense that without bonding they won’t survive.  There is the feeling of being bereft in this mineral.  This mineral is full of cares and worries about not getting the love it needs.  These people often feel that something critical is missing from them.

            On the physical level, Magnesium is a key element in cardiac functioning: it affects blood pressure, arrhythmia and heart disease.  There is also a spasmodic element to Magnesium.  There are Magnesium shortages in women at the time of hormonal changes and in men at times of great physical stress.  People who need Mag tend to be averse to leafy, green vegetables.  They also tend to be malnourished on some level, as a result they have problems with absorption, of taking in what they need.  All Mag have hot feet like Sulphur, better uncovered.

            All the Mags have abandonment issues: Mag-carb sensitive to parents; Mag-mur sensitive to friends; Mag-sulph get insulted; Mag-phos gets irritable.  All are sensitive to fighting and confrontation.

Mag-carb: Tubercular miasm  STOMACH AFFINITY

            This salt relates most directly to absorption of nutrients.  It is known as “the orphan’s remedy”.  The basic feeling is “nobody loves me” and “I’m not going to make it, I have to worry about everything, I have to look out for myself because there is no one to look out for me”.  Sense of blame comes up in this state.  Cannot tolerate confrontation:  can become mediators as adults, but the flip side is they can become explosive.  Can look hard and sour or soft and needy.

            Failure to thrive infants; cannot absorb nutrients or milk.  This remedy has its major affinity with digestive issues, stomach problems.

Mental/emotional:  Feeling of not getting the love they need to survive.  Hate quarrels and confrontation; will do anything to keep the peace.  Very anxious; many worries.  Hates violence and aggression yet can be violent and have a temper.  Very susceptible to noise.

Generals:  Susceptible to upper respiratory illness.  Tissues flabby; feel weak in muscles.  Tendency to cramping and spasming.  Sour in general: sour sweat and sour stool.  Worse: hormones; cold; 3 AM.  Toothache before menses.  Better from pressure.

Head:  Headaches; face aches; better from pressure.  Trigeminal neuralgia.

Stomach (this is the main system involved);  Stomach pain, cramping.  Slow digestion. Constipation/diarrhea.  Irritable bowel.  Worse from milk.  Averse to or crave green vegetables. Dislike for fruit.  Craves bread and farinaceous food.

Female:  KEYNOTE: menses, bleed at night, not during day.

Sleep:  Worse 3 AM, up for a couple of hours, wakes up tired.


            Mag-mur is more the teen-age stage of life, while Mag-carb is the child.

Mental/emotional:  Feeling of being friendless; loneliness related to this.  Dreams of being lost in the woods: nobody loves me, I am all alone in the world.  In a divorce situation, the fighting before the divorce is worse than the divorce itself.  Anxieties at night; restless and hard time falling asleep.  Depression.  Adults can appear quiet, sad, passive.  Because it is a liver remedy, looks prematurely old and worn out (Lyc).  Delusion friendless; wither away w/o friends.

Generals:  Cold remedy < cold.  Better open air (opp of Mag-carb).  Worse lying down (opp of Mag-carb).  Worse waking up, tired and hung over feeling.  

Head:  Many headaches, long-lasting.  Better from hard pressure.  Better from lemon water (fits with liver affinity:  lemon cleans out system).

Skin:  Dry skin.  Many wrinkles, deep furrows.

Stomach/abdomen:  Liver problems; right-sided pain.  Gallstone, colic.  Constipation, hard stools, dryGas and bloating.  Food cravings:  desire for fruit (opp to Mag-carb); craving for vegetables (opp to Mag-carb). 

Reproduction:  painful periods; sick before menses; irregular.  UTI – infection with retention of urine. 

Sleep:  Restless sleep.  Wakes with jolt at 3AM.  Unrefreshed, hung over feeling.


            Philosophical and intellectual, lofty pursuits.  Feeling of being abandoned and feeling of entitlement.  Can be angry at parents for not supporting them through adulthood.  Most explosive of Mag salts (except for Mag-nit and Mag-cyan).  Most sensitive to pain of Mag salts.  Anxiety is focused on health – like ArsTends to be hot like Sulphur.

Mental/emotional:  Feeling abandoned.  Sense of entitlement.  Wants to be independent yet feels entitled to be cared for.  Anxiety about health.  Can be explosive if needs are not met.   Will be giving to others, but angry if they don’t get something back.

Generals:  Oversensitive to pain.  Better in open air, likes to walk in the open air.  Not as lazy as Sulph.

Stomach/abdomen:  Extremely thirsty (most thirsty of all Mags).  Aversion to fat, meat; natural vegetarians.  Diarrhea after anger.  Stools smell sour, not aware of sour smells like Sulph.  Problems with milk: pains and cramps from drinking milk.

Reproductive:  Everything worse with menses.   Achy and headache with period. 

Sleep:  Wakes up in the middle of the night with heart palpitations.


Mental/emotional:  Edgy, sensitive, irritable.  Sensitive to feeling abandoned and deprived.  Fears similar to Phos:  thunderstorms, dark and abandoned. 

Generals:  Better from heat and pressure, includes being wrapped in a blanket and hugged.  Better rubbed and massaged.  Right-sided remedy (opp to Phos).

Head:  Headaches and neuralgias with shooting pain.  Right-sided pain, better heat and pressure.  Major remedy for tooth pain.

Stomach/abdomen:   KEY – cramping, colic, intense pain, better pressure and bending over.

Reproductive:  Big PMS remedy; high reactivity and weepiness at time of menses.  Menses painful, better heat and pressure.

Extremities:  Sciatica, right-sided; better heat and pressure; worse cold.  Cramping in hands and feet; writer’s cramps – better heat and pressure.



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